Heidi Roberts Creative

In over 30 years of work experience, it’s never been enough for me to simply do my job. I’ve always wanted to understand how and why things work.

As my career evolved and I advanced to management positions, I gained experience well beyond the actual positions I held.

My business insight and creative skills give me a unique ability to offer a wide range of creative services.

In Case You Were Wondering...

I’m a 48-year-old empty-nester living in Wisconsin. But no matter where I live, I take my circus with me – In my head. I can’t tell you the number of times people have told me I have a truly unique way of looking at things. I’m not entirely sure it was always a compliment. But I do tend to view life a few degrees off center.

My daughter Jen and  son Zach are both really amazing, accomplished people. But that won’t stop me from making fun of them from time to time. Sorry.

My husband is a gem among gems. I seriously don’t know how I’ve managed to hang on to such a great guy for so long (more than 27 years.) Did I mention I have ADD? Yeah, try living with that for a quarter century! He had no idea when he married me that he’d spend the rest of his life watching me enter a room saying, “What did I come in here for?” His other favorite is when I leave water running somewhere while I’m watching tv. Honestly, I don’t even remember turning it on.

I blog for my own amusement. Unless you’re one of my as-of-yet unborn grandchildren – then this is also for you. I want you to see that your Goddess Heidi (that’s what I want you to call me) was not always a crazy old woman who told the same stories over and over. Crazy yes. Old and repetitive, not so much.

1. I have ADD. Sometimes I lose interest in my own thoughts.

2. I lucked out when I got Dave to Marry me. He's a very patient man.

3. My very best friends are my two children.

4. I think I'm still 18.

5. I'm a bona fide tv junkie. Don't judge me.

6. I have a higher XBOX gamer score  than my son. (6875)

7. If I ever do get focussed on something, I'm obsessive. The only thing that breaks my hyper-focus is nature's call. Even then, I'll bounce my knee until someone yells "Go pee already!" It's miserable when I'm home alone.

8. I interpret dreams, but not nearly as well as my sister does.

9. Keeping my house hospital-clean gives me a sense of peace. (can you say OCD?)

10. My biggest goal right now is to get my novel published. So if any of you know a literary agent...

11. I have 3 amazing siblings who generously share their time and talents with me whenever I need them.

12. I wish I could have been an FBI agent.

13. I prefer East Coast fashion to West Coast. Although, if I wasn't so old, I'd dress like an emo scene girl - crazy hair colors and all.

14. I love mosh-pits.

15. I crowd surfed at an All American Rejects concert. (It was the only way out of the mosh-pit.)

16. I love to teach.

17. All of my professional skills were self-taught. I faked out a lot of people until I figured things out.

18. I love Dr. Phil-isms. My favorite: "You wouldn't worry so much about what people think of you if you knew how seldom they do."

19. I wish I had waited 5 years to start having kids so that my nest wouldn't be empty now.

20. I miss the mountains, but I love Wisconsin.

21. I have 5353 songs on my ipod. (Something from every genre.)

22. I have a terrible crush on Simon Baker. (tv junkie, remember?)

23. My dog holds me hostage in my home. I just feel bad leaving her alone. Must be Stockholm syndrome.

24. When I go to the movies, I get popcorn with extra butter and dump a box of Hot Tamales in it. Mmmm

25. I named myself Heidi when I was about 3 years old.

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